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The company Arte Indio was founded in 1997. The name "Arte Indio" stands for arts and crafts of Native Americans (Central and South America and Mexico).

As Latin America is very diverse in culture and language, our interest lies especially with the Natives, the "Indios". Although the name "Indio" was once a dirty word for Native Americans, most ethnic groups nowadays commit to this name. They relate it to their traditional culture and language. The name "Arte Indio", of course, is Spanish like the national language in most Latin American countries. 

Arte Indio is based on two core areas: project work and trade with handicrafts.

The project work includes several activities aimed at giving people an understanding of the culture of other nations (in this case South America). This way we offer slide shows dedicated to the culture and art of Latin America with a main focus on music. These projects are primarily designed for students to sensitize them for the life of other peoples.

We also offer training seminars on musical instruments from Latin America for teachers, educators, worldshop employees and people interested in this topic. During these seminars, the different musical instruments will be introduced and their design, the manner in which they are played and the historical backgrounds will be explained.

In trade with handicrafts we are highly geared to the standards of fair trade. In the early days we sold our products at markets with mobile stalls. By now, we supply several worldshops with our products. In 2006, we also established an online store.

Arte Indio currently consists of three employees in Germany and two employees in Lima, as well as a large number of additional helpers (in Germany and Peru), who are very involved with the project.

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